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Efficient Market Entry into Russia
35 years+ of hands-on business development expertise in Russia

Partner / distributor / JV opportunity search in Russia

Many international players prefer entering this new [to them] Russian market via cooperation with local partners and distributors.  More often than not, identifying a proper business partner / contractor / distributor is not an easy task in the largest country in the world with no central business registry (as is the case with Russia).

We have over 30 years of practical experience of business development in this country.  We have pre-established connections with key decision makers in hundreds of Russian companies across dozens of industries and sectors.  We can efficiently screen your market industry / niche and identify the targets to meet your requirements.

More importantly, we are locals on the Russian market. We deal easily and fast with myriads of the issues that often hamper international entrants in their Russian market expansion, including cross-cultural barriers.

We will be happy to undertake targeted partner search for you as per your specific requirements. Moreover, we undertake all necessary background checks over such a search (i.e., personal, credit, litigation, criminal, etc.) to make sure the short-listed candidates are ‘clean’, reliable, and trustworthy.

Reserve your free consultation with us to discuss your particular needs on the Russian market.