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Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance has proved to be a highly efficient and savvy risk management tool on the Russian marketplace to many new market entrants.  It enables the insured businesses to promptly identify reliable buyers and greatly increase sales through multi-channel distribution network set up in a matter of days.

We can assist you in identifying a reliable insurance company to arrange protection for your business against risks of non-payment by your buyers/ contractors on most favorable for you terms.

Trade Credit Insurance brings the following benefits to your business:

  • Immediate insurance cover in case of non-payment/ default by your buyer/ contractor;
  • Highly efficient tool to persuade your contractors to perform their commitments on time;
  • Stable growth of your sales;
  • Pre-assessment of buyers and selecting the reliable ones;
  • Improved credit risk management for your business;
  • Better borrowing capacity to finance your business.

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