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Efficient Market Entry into Russia
35 years+ of hands-on business development expertise in Russia

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Russian Market Entry Programme

Entering Russian Market

Our Russian Market Entry Programme, the core of our market offering, has been specifically designed to assist international businesses to enter the Russian market the most time- and resource-efficient way.  It has accumulated 3 decades+ of our Russian market entry expertise and the best life-tested practices to satisfy the most sophisticated customer requirements.

In order to meet the whole variety of market entry requirements and budgets affordable, we developed 2 major models of our support to choose from:

Model 1, known as Quick Start, a time-based consulting support, and

Model 2, called Stages, a task-based entry programme. 

Both models represent bespoke programmes of Russian market entry and are compiled with services as per customer requirements and needs.  Besides, we ensure that all our clients enjoy the one-stop-shop advantage when dealing with us.

Please check Model 1 and Model 2 to choose the most appropriate one in your case.  Feel free to reserve your free Skype video consultation with us to discuss your situation in more details.