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Business People Who Dealt With Stanislav Grafski Are Saying:


Ralf Hartmann, Germany, Chairman and Co-founder of GlobalCom PR Network 

“I have been working with Stanislav Grafski on various international marketing projects and clients for years. We have been working in both directions providing services to European, US, and Asian firms in Russia and PR/marketing services to Russian companies doing business in Europe, US, and in Asia. Working with international accounts and multinational agencies is a challenge as global clients expect high quality and excellent results not just in one but all countries. Stan has always demonstrated a high level of commitment and performance. His reliability has been a guarantee to the success of our campaigns. He is trustworthy, delivers on time and he is a great person to work and do business with.” 


Fiona Czerniawska, UK, Co-founder and Managing Director of Source

 “?I've worked with Stanislav on a couple of research projects and have always found him to be very helpful, highly knowledgeable and very professional. Although I would certainly recommend him to anyone trying to understand the Russian market, his knowledge of business and strategy is far broader than that. He's an excellent person to work with.”


Luc Malcorps, Belgium, Director Media Relations at Emakina, Director at EuroLynx 

“Stanislav is a professional and result driven no-nonsense communication expert, who knows what it takes to be successful in business and media relations in the Russian market. Are you looking for better impact in the Russian market and media? He is someone you should definitely put on your contact list!” 


David Quinn, San Francisco Bay Area, USA, Director of Apogee Ventures Ltd, who has known Stan Grafski for 20 years, commented: 

  • “…Exceptional English writing and conversation skills.
  • Very deep-thinking mind capable of seeing multiple angles to any particular situation that helps eliminate problems before they appear on the scene.
  • Exceptional personal skills in general, but especially in regards to foreigners. Most Russians come off as stereotypical “Sovoks”, afraid or aggressive – very few blend in as normally with Anglos as well as he does.
  • Responsibility. Anytime he makes a promise or gives his word, he does his very best to keep it.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility.  Stan shifts from one type of work to another and manages various types of projects at the same time.
  • Honesty. He never resorted to cheating, lying or swindling people to gain a quick advantage.  Other people can sense this in him and this is why he has so many quality friends and why people put faith in him.”


Himanshu Gaur, Consultative IT Solutions/Sales/Account Director, USA 

“I had the privilege to consult with Stanislav Grafski recently for my search for business development partners in the Russian Market. He provided me an insightful guidance in a very timely and courteous fashion. His advice has helped me & my business improve our business development strategies.

Stan is a visionary in his field, an award winning manager & a strategic leader. He is more than willing to share what he knows to help others become successful. It's no surprise that he's made [18,000+] positive connections on LinkedIn.

"Let me just say, Stanislav walks the walk"

It is my pleasure to recommend him to anyone. Thanks Stan, for being one of my valued connections & a trusted adviser.”