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Case Studies

GlobalCom PR Network

GlobalCom PR Network looked for the ways to gain a foothold in the Russian market and expand here the most efficient way.

Stan Grafski developed its Business Development strategy in Russia, adjusted it with local partner organisation to best utilise their competences and orchestrate their actions, and introduced clients who wanted to grow their presence in the Russian market.

In less than 3 years, this international PR group reached the Top 20 industry position in Russia. Its brand continues to be easily recognisable on the Russian market.

A North American Software Developer

A North American software developing company was looking to expand in the Russian market. The challenge was to reach manufacturing companies, and to make initial sales without heavy upfront costs.

Stan Grafski performed focused market research, brand awareness and educational campaigns in the Russian language internet environment (RuNet), client identification and benchmarking, produced and delivered presentations, conducted negotiations with prospective leads, and secured first sales right in the first quarter.

This client operates on its own in Russia these days, while regularly applying to S. Grafski for targeted services.

Miessence, A Global Cosmetics Company

Australian manufacturer of natural cosmetics Miessence considered entering the Russian market with its innovative ‘green’ products. Having secured its market niche in dozens of countries for its consistent product quality and innovation, Miessence was yet concerned about product delivery channels into Russia.

Stanislav Grafski conducted meticulous examination of their logistics scheme and identified a few unreliable points in the delivery chain, which could compromise the client’s commitments to its final customers.

Based on the results provided by S. Grafski, the client decided to reshape its distribution model in Russia from direct B2C operations to sales through an exclusive local distributor who would be able to expedite Customs clearance and distribution.

Global Market Leader In Online Gaming

A leading global player in online gaming looked for the fastest and most efficient market entry into Russia with the goal of securing the leading brand position in its niche in the country.

Grafski's team developed a “tsunami” brand awareness and business development campaigns with emphasis on national media coverage with topical events across the country targeting 18–25 audience. A major challenge was in increasing anti-gaming legislative restrictions, which were about to prohibit most gaming activities in the country.

Stan Grafski helped this client utilise a Government Affairs programme, coupled with a smart educational series on the national TV. The company was able to secure its leading positioning on the market even after ‘anti-gaming legislative package’ was enforced in the country later on. Today, the client’s brand is perceived as the indisputable leader in its niche, with millions of loyal customers across the country.

Major International Italian Coffee Wholesaler And Retailer

A prominent Italian coffee processor with multiple international brands was considering the best market entry solution into Russia. The company is heavily involved in coffee processing, packaging, coffee machine manufacturing (both for individual and coffee shop usage) and distribution around Europe.

Grafski's team sourced and developed exclusive local distributor channels, created cost-efficient meeting and travel programmes to train distributors in Italy, developed comprehensive legal and sales package among numerous Russian sub-contractors, and provided liaison across all the chains in the distribution pattern. As of today, this coffee brand is sold all across Russia.

Repositioning An Asian Fashion Company

A prominent women’s clothing company sought to re-establish its market positioning on the Russian market, aiming to climb into the upper-level niche.

Upon completing our market research, conducting peer mapping, examining all the marketing opportunities, we developed a complex 1-year business development programme and put it into action.

After 12 months of aggressive marketing in selected media and at fashion events, the brand shifted into the High Street department stores, first in Moscow and St Petersburg, then all across the country. The entire distribution chain was reshaped and new authorised distributors were carefully selected. As of today, the brand is known across the country and represented in dozens of fashion stores nationwide.