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Efficient Market Entry into Russia
35 years+ of hands-on business development expertise in Russia

Business Introductions and Liaising 

Introductions and Liaising

The Russian business climate is heavily influenced by “connections”.  Knowing how to get through bureaucratic processes efficiently is a valued skillset. 

Our 30-year+ practical expertise, with a huge base of board-level connections, will save you from problems, which are cultural, bureaucratic, or specific to given geographical area.  And our in-depth knowledge, skills, and many years in Government Affairs greatly benefit our clients in overcoming countless barriers. 

The most common Business Introduction services include finding and exploring connections for:

  • Potential contractors/ buyers/ suppliers
  • Board-level Executives and Negotiations
  • Reputation/ Credit/ Security Checks
  • Government Affairs strategy development and implementation (including identifying decision makers and respective negotiations) 

If you’d like to discuss your particular situation, please contact us.