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Grafski: Opportunities and Benefits of Doing Business in Russia, Knowledge Base, and Free Consultation. Our Russian Market Entry ProgrammeStrategy SessionsСтраницы контентаStrategy SessionsСтраницы контентаОсновные параметрыПоле h1Strategy SessionsКонтент<p>Often times, new business expansion on&nbsp;a&nbsp;new market is&nbsp;pretty much based on&nbsp;prior successes on&nbsp;other markets. Many new entrants suffer of&nbsp;&lsquo;tunnel vision&rsquo;, thus missing some opportunities and threats that are present in&nbsp;new conditions.</p> <p>We&nbsp;offer strategy sessions to&nbsp;new business players in&nbsp;Russia. The latter enables both newcomers and seasoned players alike to&nbsp;receive an&nbsp;unbiased outside view on&nbsp;their market positioning, strategies pre-developed before facing new market challenges, and many operational issues to&nbsp;be&nbsp;tackled fast and efficiently.</p> <p>We&nbsp;are in&nbsp;Russian market entries for over 35 years. We&nbsp;can help you critically scan your Russian market development plans, avoid unnecessary expenses, align business plans with ever evolving market realities, and brainstorm ideas on&nbsp;how to&nbsp;achieve your goals.</p> <p><strong>Our strategy sessions can help you:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Assess your organizational goals in new environment</li> <li>Review how you progress against those objectives</li> <li>Decide on what needs to be developed, stopped, slowed down, or sped up.</li> </ul> <p>Besides, Russian business climate is heavily influenced by &ldquo;connections&rdquo; and regulatory issues across Russia&rsquo;s 11 time zones. Our 3 decades+ practical expertise with a huge base of board-level ties can save you from problems, which are cultural, bureaucratic, or specific to given geographical area.</p> <p>If&nbsp;you are interested in&nbsp;our advice, please book your initial e-meeting with us below.</p>