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Who benefits most out of the Russian market 

Who benefits most in Russia

  • New entrants targeting national markets of the Eurasian Economic Union (i.e., Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan) with over 185 million consumers
  • International players cutting their costs by moving production into and/ or outsourcing manufacturing in Russia
  • Investors acquiring greatly undervalued assets (most industries)
  • Equity investors with ruble denominated securities and sovereign bonds
  • Traders with in-Russia produced agro products and organic food
  • Agro businesses benefitting out of Russian Government support (e.g., husbandry)
  • Infrastructure building companies
  • FMCG companies capitalizing on growing Russian retail
  • Food suppliers (wide variety of categories)
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Food processing businesses
  • Machinery exporters
  • Any businesses capitalizing on Special Economic Zones/ Industrial Cluster/ Free Port/ etc. regulations
  • Technology and service providers for infrastructure projects with government support and funding
  • E-commerce vendors – both in-country and internationally located (cross-border trade)
  • High tech companies
  • Any business seeking JV opportunities with traditionally strong Russian competences (i.e., space, defense, aviation, etc)
  • Manufacturers of miscellaneous equipment, machinery and disposables for dozens of industries
  • Niche consumer goods and luxury suppliers
  • Online gaming operators
  • Gambling businesses in special gambling zones


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