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Attractive industries, niches, and businesses in Russia

 Money making industries in Russia

  • Retail
  • Ecommerce
  • Food processing
  • Food products (wide variety of categories)
  • Agriculture (in particular, products for both export and local markets)
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics and Perfumery
  • Manufacturing (wide variety of products)
  • Industrial Disposables
  • Machinery / Industrial tools / Metal working equipment (wide variety of categories)
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Electric Power Generation and Transmission
  • Hydropower Generation and Equipment
  • Timber and wood
  • Forestry and Woodworking Equipment
  • Construction
  • Building and Construction Equipment
  • Mining and Equipment
  • Shelf Exploration Technologies and Equipment
  • Shelf Development and Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • IT & Innovations
  • Software development
  • Technology transfer
  • Data centres
  • Gambling in gaming dedicated zones (e.g., Crimea and Far East)
  • Industries recognised as priority ones by certain regions
  • Franchising
  • Safety and Security Equipment
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Whiskey production (fresh trend)
  • Animal / pet food

The above indicated industries / niches / business are the ones at the very surface.  Book your free consultation with us using the button bellow to discuss your particular situation.