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Grafski: Opportunities and Benefits of Doing Business in Russia, Knowledge Base, and Free Consultation. Our Russian Market Entry ProgrammeRussian Market EntryСтраницы контентаRussian Market EntryСтраницы контентаОсновные параметрыПоле h1Russian Market Entry — ‘Box Solution’Контент<p>Russia represents the biggest national market in&nbsp;Europe (145 million+), 5th largest economy in&nbsp;the world / 4th largest one by PPP (World Bank 2024), and provides immediate access to&nbsp;185 million+ consumer base of&nbsp;the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan). It&nbsp;is&nbsp;also known as&nbsp;a&nbsp;fast-developing economy and rather unsaturated market in&nbsp;this over-competitive world. The latter alone generates many new business opportunities that very few national markets can offer these days.</p> <p>Due to&nbsp;exodus of&nbsp;many Western brands from the market, in-country demand for new products and services boosted significantly while GDP growth rate demonstrates impressive 6%+pa, the highest one among developed economies. BRICS membership paves grounds for sky-rocketing new trade channels in&nbsp;our multipolar world.</p> <p>We&nbsp;develop individually crafted market entry strategy to&nbsp;each customer in&nbsp;the format of&nbsp;&lsquo;box solution&rsquo;. That enables our clients to&nbsp;benefit out of&nbsp;their bespoke road map and detailed action plan that are engineered to&nbsp;capitalize on&nbsp;their unique core competences, product / service competitive advantages, and particular industry landscape and gaps.</p> <p><strong>Key features:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Short term: fastest market entry formula in the country &mdash; 60 to 90 days</li> <li>Based on the longest Russian market entry experience &mdash; 35 years+.</li> <li>Low-cost fixed rate: contact us for details</li> <li>One-stop-shop approach</li> <li>Easy to apply</li> </ul> <p>Our typical package represents a&nbsp;detailed instruction as&nbsp;to&nbsp;what to&nbsp;do, when, whom with and how. When developing individual go-to-market strategy we&nbsp;always apply white space strategy approach to&nbsp;identify the most optimal way to&nbsp;win the market.</p> <p>We&nbsp;suggest a&nbsp;range of&nbsp;industries we&nbsp;are experienced in. Most-in-demand ones include FMCG and consumer retail, commodities, pharma, medical devices, energy, metals, extracting industries, construction and building materials, telecoms, IT, machineries, manufacturing, automotive, fashion &amp; luxuries, apparel, food / meat processing, sea food, soft drinks, industrial supply, fintech, finance, communications and Public Relations (PR), government / public affairs, higher education, online stores, media and TV, professional services, and many others.</p> <p>While we&nbsp;work across many industries, we&nbsp;have particular specialisms in&nbsp;FMCG, consumer retail, fashion and apparel, charcuterie / meat specialties production and machineries, dentistry supply, legal services, PR&nbsp;and marketing communications.</p> <p>If&nbsp;you&rsquo;d&nbsp;like to&nbsp;discuss your particular situation, please book your free consultation below.</p>