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Russian Market Entry Programme – Model 2, Stages

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Model 2 of our Russian Market Entry Programme, or Stages, is a classic new market development programme that allows customers to go through all necessary steps for efficient market expansion with clear deliverables.

We divided the Model 2 in 3 standard stages that are quoted separately and allow the customers to monitor costs as per assignment/ task performed.



Stage 1 – Pre-Entry Support

  • Market and Product evaluation
  • Channels to market identification
  • Product certification and licensing requirements
  • Evaluation of existing market entry strategy, if any
  • Initial customer base identification
  • Buyer/ Distributor/ Agent/ JV Partner Sourcing
  • Local manufacturing identification
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Marketing channels identification and planning

Stage 2 – Entry Strategy Development and Execution

  • Entry Strategy and Action Plan development
  • Office and production facility sourcing
  • Sales representation and local management sourcing
  • Staff recruitment
  • Customs, logistics, distribution, and sales management
  • Banking, accounting, and legal support needs identification
  • Production/ assembly line set up and management
  • Taxes and Financial management
  • Advertising, PR, and Social Media
  • Exhibition planning
  • Contractor/ stakeholder communications and liaising

Stage 3 – Post-Entry On-Going Support 

  • Performance against targets evaluation
  • Market and Sales management
  • Dedicated office sourcing
  • Legal, marketing, operational, partner sourcing assistance
  • Further market expansion research


Key Benefits:

1. Customers evaluate and monitor progress against costs at each stage

2. The services selected are accompanied by clear deliverables as per client’s needs and budget

3. Customers are free to adjust the Programme at any time, or withdraw completely, subject the minimal term commitments are fulfilled.


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