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The Russian Search Engine Market


Karl Young, author

By Karl Young

If you want to sell online in Russia you need to be on YANDEX

Yandex is the Russian Google – If you want to sell online in Russia you need to be on Yandex.

Russia’s emerging ecommerce market has become an attractive prospect for brands and businesses in search for profits overseas. Russia is developing into a dominate online force creating a wealth of ecommerce opportunities for those willing to understanding and learn about Russia’s and its favourite search engine, Yandex, the fourth most popular search engine in the world.

As Google is in the UK, Yandex is the dominant search engine in Russia, enjoying a market share of over 60%. Other notable search engines are Google with 26%, with 11% market share, Rambler and Bing with 1%.

4.84 billion queries a month are run though the search engine with 95 million users, 60 million of which are in Russia. Not only is it a dominate force in search it also boasts 45% online advertising share.

Lifting your optimisation strategy for Google and attempting to implement it on Yandex is the road to failure rather than success. Knowledge is power; take a look at the Russian Search Engine Infographic for more information and statistics on the ecommerce giant:

Russian E-commerce Infographic