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Russia files case against Apple on allegations of price-fixing


By The Moscow Times


Russia’s Federal Anti-monopoly Service (FAS) has filed a case against US tech giant Apple on allegations of price-fixing. A number of retailers are continuing to sell the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, and other models at the same price as when the phones were released in October 2015, the FAS claim.

Some 16 Russian companies are alleged to be involved in the case, including MTS, M.Video, Beeline, Eldorado, Euroset, Media Markt, Citilink, and licensed Apple retailer the Re:Store. The agency found that all of the retailers sold the iPhone models nationwide either at almost identical prices, differing overall by just 10 rubles ($0.15), said the FAS’ Director for Anti-Cartel Operations, Andrei Tenishev.

While the retailers themselves are not to be held accountable, charges will be brought against Apple, Tenishev said.